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DHG240.A1H: Dental Hygiene Theory 4 (Mogawer)

Journal Title Look Up Search

Often referred to as a "reverse search," the search above allows you to find an article working from a citation. 

You may find yourself wanting to locate an article mentioned in an article you're reading. Use the in-text citation to locate the citation on the references list.

Identify the source in the text:

Identify the source within the text.

Use that to identify the source in the references list:

Identify the article in the references list

Use the citation to identify the journal in which the article was published.

Identify the title of the journal.

Then, take the journal title, year, and volume and run a search in the Full Text Finder.

Full text finder

Use the information in the citation to chose the correct year and issue:

journal year and volume

Locate the article in the issue list and chose the PDF or HTML to view the full text.