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Asian American and Pacific Islander Anti-Discrimination Resources

This guide is meant to inform about discrimination and violence against the Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community in the United States. The intention is to provide a starting point for developing a vocabulary to discuss and contextualize th

Books related to the myth of the "Model Minority"

The "Model Minority" Myth

Definition of "Model Minority"


The model minority myth is a racialized exaggeration that serves as a rhetorical device. The myth's rhetoric exaggerates achieved success, portraying Asian Americans as problem-free and well-integrated minorities. Given that the myth originated during the 1960s at the height of the African American civil rights movement, it is little wonder why pointing out Asian American success and African American failure causes interracial tension. Indeed, the myth of Asian American success has consistently been used as a sociopolitical wedge in order to divide and conquer people of color—namely, African Americans and Asian Americans.  (From the Credo Reference database)

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