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ENG101: College Writing (Food) (Benson)

Librarian's Tip: Develop Good Research Habits from the Start!




Research can be messy business. Try to take a methodical approach; if you can stay focused and organized, you'll do a better job in less time!

  1. Make sure you are clear about the requirements of your research assignment.  When brainstorming ideas, you can find good academic-oriented research topics using the suggestions under the tab, Choose a Topic.
  2. Get some background information about your subject. Begin with Reference Sources such as encyclopedias; these provide foundational knowledge, can help you narrow your topic and identify potential research questions.
  3. Use library catalogs to locate Books/eBooks to gain in-depth understanding of your topic.
  4. Explore Article Databases for relevant magazines, newspapers, and/or academic journals.
  5. Supplement what you've found with Web Sites; harness the power of the web by using smart searching strategies.
  6. Evaluate all information for relevance, quality, and credibility.
  7. Remember to capture the details you need for your Works Cited.
  8. Meet with a BCC Librarian; we can help you get started with your research, or provide additional support at any point along the way. Use the Book-a-Librarian form to schedule an appointment that fits with your schedule.


Starting Your Research is Research

Develop a Research Question