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HOS265: Event Management and Marketing (Bjornson): Week 7: Menu Planning

Menu planning

According to Catering by Mario's, "every person's preferences are different, with some pickier than others." You also need to contend with potential food allergies among your guests. 

Mario's suggests keeping the following in mind:

  • Know your guest demographicsTo properly plan your menu you'll need to know who is coming to your event. Get as much information about your guests as possible before you start making food arrangements to create as inclusive a menu as possible.
  • Take note of the ages of your guests: It's no secret that different types of food appeal to different age demographics. A wide range in age make an impact on your event's food menu. The key is to find a middle ground.
  • Give attendees a choice: Not everyone's palette is the same. Some people have a dedicated sweet tooth, while others want you to pile on the spices. Offering your guests more than one option will help to ensure everyone has something delicious to choose from.
  • Make the food dishes seasonal: Seasonality is a food and menu concept that helps keep your menu fresh and helps keep food costs down. When you select menu items in season you receive the freshest options available.
  • Coordinate meal with event timing: Certain dishes require different time lengths to eat. Ask yourself how long your event is going to be, and choose a dish that will coordinate with the time frame of your event. 

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