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HOS265: Event Management and Marketing (Bjornson): Week 1: Researching Event Locations

Weekly Research Tips: Researching Locations

The first thing you will be doing in HOS261 is researching where your event will take place.  On this page you'll find several resources for researching your event location!

Online Venue Finders

Questions to Consider

When choosing a location, consider the following questions:

1. How do you want your guests to feel?  

2. Does the venue have the style you're looking for?

3. Does the venue have the capacity you need?

4. Does the venue have the right facilities considering accessibility and expected age of your guests?

5. Does the venue support the intended flow of your event?

6. Is the venue available when you need it?

7. What do you want your guests to remember the most about the event?

8. Is the venue within your budget?

9. Is there an embedded caterer, or will you need to arrange for food and drink? What about A/V equipment?