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ANS153: Animal Health and Diseases (Macho): Reference Resources

Reference Resources

Reference resources are usually encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, manuals and other books that you would refer to when wanting to know a definition of a word or concept, a general overview of a topic, specific information about a certain period of time or event in history.

Selected Online Reference Sources




Animals   This visual encyclopedia covers everything from aardvarks to zebras with special focus on the superlatives that appeal to children: biggest, fastest, strongest, and strangest. Stunning action photography puts our animal neighbors in context and shows them in their natural habitats, interacting with other animals and taking part in amazing migrations, feeding frenzies, and more.

Black's Veterinary Dictionary  Twenty-second Edition.  This is an essential reference source for all with a professional or leisure interest in the care of animals.  It covers A-to-Z of anatomy, animal care terms and definitions.

The Dictionary of Developmental Biology and Embryology, Second Edition, is the first comprehensive reference focused on the field's terms, research, history, and people. This authoritative A-to-Z resource covers classical morphological and cytological terms along with those from modern genetics and molecular biology.

The Gale Encyclopedia of Public Health - Vol. 2 gives an overview of Veterinary Medicine, with other topics covered throughout the encyclopedia, such as animal health overall, rabies, infections, epidemiology, acupuncture, emergency health services, alternative medicines and more.

The Princeton Guide to Ecology is a concise, authoritative one-volume reference to the field's major subjects and key concepts. Edited by eminent ecologist Simon Levin, with contributions from an international team of leading ecologists, the book contains more than ninety clear, accurate, and up-to-date articles on the most important topics within seven major areas: autecology, population ecology, communities and ecosystems, landscapes and the biosphere, conservation biology, ecosystem services, and biosphere management. Complete with a glossary of key terms and suggestions for further reading on each topic, this is an essential volume for undergraduate and graduate students, research ecologists, scientists in related fields, policymakers, and anyone else with a serious interest in ecology.



Reference Databases can also locate additional sources from the ones above:

Selected Print & eBook Reference Sources