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MAR101: Marketing (Carroll-Connor): Web Resources

Researching Internet Resources

Think Tanks and Research Organizations

Other Useful Websites - Social Marketing

Marketing Web Resources

Advertising Web Resources

General Marketing Information

Website Evaluation

While conducting research on the web, it is imperative to evaluate the website in question for authority, documentation, currency, and bias.  Doing so will ensure that you are using the most credible information possible to support your thesis.

Authority and Accuracy

Who produced the site?  Are they a credible source?  What is the purpose of the site?  Why was it created?  Is the person, organization, or group qualified to write this content?  What is the domain of the URL?

  • .com - a business or commercial website
  • .edu - an educational institution
  • .gov or .mil - a U.S. military or government website
  • .net - a personal website
  • .org - a website for a not-for-profit organization


Is there adequate documentation for factual statements?  Is the documentation reliable, verifiable from a second source? Is there enough information to cite this information in a paper (author, title, source, date)?


Is the information up to date?  When was it created, or last edited?  Are the links up to date or dead?  Is the author using outdated statistics?

Objectivity and Bias

Is the document biased or slanted?  Are there few or no logical errors such as appeal to authority or circular reasoning?  If you found this information a printed source, would you trust it?

Google Tips and Tricks

Use the advanced search mode in Google to target your results. Notice how the results are impacted by each search strategy, below:

Placing quotation marks around a phrase directs the search engine to retrieve web pages in which these words appear near one another, making the results likely more relevant. Add search terms sparingly to get more focused results. This simple strategy eliminated over 2 million results!


Date limiters are useful if you want the most current information. Domain searching allows you to better focus your attention on the quality of the web pages. In the example below, all the results will be pages connected to or produced by educational institutions.