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ANS115.B02:Community Health & Zoonosis (Perry): Home



Welcome to the Research Guide for ANS115: Community Health & Zoonosis.  Please use this guide to find resources for your presentation.  Please contact myself or any BCC Librarian if you have any questions.

What is Zoonosis?

Breaking the chain

Increases in global travel, trade and urbanization are leading to greater incidence of zoonotic disease, and livestock are often a key link in the spread of disease to humans. As such, livestock vaccination strategies, as a part of broader biosecurity solutions, are critical to both animal and human health. Importantly, approaches that restrict infectious agents in livestock, not only protects their economic value but should reduce the potential for spill over infections in humans. Biosecurity solutions to livestock health can take a number of different forms and are generally heavily weighted towards prevention of infection rather than treatment. Therefore, vaccination can provide an effective component of a strategic approach, particularly as production economics dictate the use of cost effective solutions. Furthermore, in an evolving global environment there is a need for vaccines that accommodate for lower socioeconomic and rapidly emerging zoonotics.

Layton, D. S., Choudhary, A., & Bean, A. G. D. (2017). Breaking the chain of zoonoses through biosecurity in livestock. Vaccine, 35(44), 5967-5973.

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