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CRJ101: Introduction to Criminal Justice (Annotated Bibliography): US Government Documents

Resources, tips, and guides for the Introduction to Criminal Justice Annotated Bibliography.

What are US Government Documents?

US Government Documents encompass a wide variety of resources: from state and federal court cases to public law, treaties, executive orders, and congressional testimony. These resources will help you to understand the legal constraints of your topic.

CRJ101 Course Tip: Having a court case citation or US law title to start out will be incredibly helpful. However, you will be able to search the databases on your topic.

Step by Step: Finding Laws, Cases, and other US Government Documents

  1. Use research in other secondary sources (encyclopedias, books, articles) to identify cases or public laws on your topic.
  2. Utilize Lexis Nexis to search for US Government Documents.
  3. Enter the citation or law into the search box, or search by your topic (in this example, restorative justice).
  4. Cite your US government Document in APA Style.

Finding US Government Documents

Watch these videos for tips on finding US Government Documents