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CRJ101: Introduction to Criminal Justice (Santopadre dosReis): Home

Resources, tips, and guides for the Introduction to Criminal Justice Annotated Bibliography.


Welcome to the research guide for Criminal Justice 101, Introduction to Criminal Justice.  Whether taking this class in person or online, this guide will help you to find strong sources for your annotated bibliography. 

If there's anything else you need, please don't hesitate to contact any BCC Librarian.

How this Guide Works

This guide is designed to walk you through the research steps in a logical order.

The Home tab contains information for the annotated bibliography assignment as well as information on how to cite your sources in APA Style.

The second tab contains Annotated Bibliography Resources. The links on this page will help you to construct your annotated bibliography.

In order to guide you through the process, we will use the topic of "restorative justice" as a theme throughout this guide.

The third tab, Reference Resources, is where we suggest you begin your research on your topic. Starting here has a lot of benefits. You can find an encyclopedia entry, as well as tips and leads to court cases or state and federal law (all three of which are required parts of your annotated bibliography).

The US Government Documents tab contains information on how to find federal and state court cases, current legislation, and state and federal statutes.

The rest of the tabs (Researching Academic Resources (finding books, magazines, and peer reviewed articles), Researching Legal Resources, Web Resources, and Crime & Criminal Justice Statistics) will help you find all of the other resources required for successfully completing your annotated bibliography.